Chennai herbs SPA MIST TONER is actually a wonderful product helps to maintain pH balance of the skin responsible for skin issues these days. It creates professional spa benefits in just a spray. Toner is normally employed to gently cleanse, purify, hydrate and rejuvenate skin. Regular use of toner 2-3 times a day creates wonder by removing dead cells, treating major skin problems (acne/ blemishes/ blackheads), removes wrinkles and fine lines. Toner provides skin with added layer protection and makes the skin feel refreshed. It is important to use toner after facial (Suggestion: HERBAL FACE MASK, Chennai Herbs) to maintain healthy skin. Applying night cream (Suggestion: AloNight, Chennai Herbs) or toner with botanical extracts and herbs will nourish your skin making it look healthy naturally.

  • Description

    • a 100% Natural
    • Best Suited Herbal bath powder for men and women
    • Can be used on all skin types
    • Net Weight 100ml
  • Benefits

    • Maintains pH balance of skin
    • Excellent moisturizer
    • Shrinks pores (treats open pores)
    • Reduces acne & blackheads
    • Even skin tone
    • Best for all skin types (men & women)
  • Direction to Use

    • Shake gently before use
    • Use toner after cleansing (facial) or often during the day to keep the skin fresh and hydrated
    • Use morning & night for best results
  • Ingredients


    • Rosemary
    • Green tea
    • Grape seed
    • Aloe Vera
    • Turmeric
    • Gotu kola etc.