Chennai herbs Calamine Face Pack contains calamine with anti-itch medicinal property that provides lightening effect on dark spots and will improve the skin complexion best suitable for any skin type exudes a therapeutic effect.Calamine is traditionally used as antiseptic and also to tackle redness, sunburn and other skin irritation which can also be used for sensitive skin.This face pack can prevent sunburn & protects from UV rays upon regular use.

Chennai herbs calamine face pack hold extreme benefits with nourishing minerals, exfoliating property, detoxification and improves even skin tone by balancing skin complexion.It is important to moisturize (Suggestion: AloDay, Chennai Herbs) the skin after facial to maintain healthy skin. Applying night cream (Suggestion: AloNight, Chennai Herbs) with botanical extracts and herbs will nourish your skin making it look healthy naturally.

  • Description

    • 100% Natural
    • Best suitable Face Pack for men and women
    • Can be used on all skin types
    • Net weight 50g
  • Benefits

    • Treats rash & itch
    • Controls excess oil
    • Protects from sunburn & UV rays
    • Reduces acne & pimples
    • Relieves wrinkles & adds soothing effect
    • Best for all skin types (men & women)
  • Direction to Use

    • Take 1 spoon full of calamine face pack powder
    • Add 1 spoon water or milk (for better result)
    • Mix to prepare calamine paste
    • Apply this paste and lea