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About Chennai Herbs

We at Chennai herbs believe that Mother Nature has been generous in offering us with every possible way of dealing and healing our lives.


A major manifestation of her goes to the land of biodiversity, our nation India. Arguably one of the most ancient forms of heritage and scientifically upsurge nation.


This was all true and existential until a few decades ago. Unfortunately, we have all marked our name on the endangered list.


This happens because of the so-called “Modern” approach to well-being and ends up getting fancy labelled Western stuff which simply consists of fragrance, flavors and chemicals. 

At Chennai Herbs, we help you get the best products, enriched with real and organic herbs in everything we provide.


Helping you distinguish the abhorrent camouflage the western companies have had over us. Spending on a billion-dollar project to find the same which our grandmothers already knew, is the science and approach for the westbound nations.


Green does it appear, but how much green does it contain?? We make you disillusioned.

Let’s pledge for the ingenious and Chennai Herbs at your service. Explore our products made from 100% natural, seasonally fresh ingredients.


Being blended with organic materials, they are completely devoid of preservatives and synthetic additives. This makes you feel their essence and smell their scent when put-to-use